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Mo’okini Kennel is an exclusive breeder of imported German and Austrian Rottweilers on the Big Island of Hawaii. Our purebred Rottweilers are of world renowned, award-winning bloodlines and all of our puppies are AKC registered. Health is of utmost importance to ensure a solid foundation for all our Rottweiler puppies to develop into healthy, durable companions for a lifetime.

Therefore, regular veterinary maintenance of all our dogs is complimented by breeding only with dogs free of congenital defects and hereditary conditions such as HD and ED. We carefully avoid inbreeding and select only Rottweilers with the best innate disposition and temperament from highly successful bloodlines in Germany and Austria. This ensures that Mo’okini Kennel is the source of the finest Rottweiler puppies with the potential to become excellent companions, service dogs, or Schutzhunde.

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Early reservations are very important to ensure consideration when puppies are born. Please call (608) 770-2373, or email Becky Simmet at for further information and reservations.

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Reservation of a puppy requires a non-refundable deposit of $1,000.00. Mo’okini Kennel will keep reserved puppies for up to 10 weeks and if necessary, we can accommodate longer holding times. Payment in full via bank draft or cash is required upon pick up of puppy. If puppy is to be shipped, payment in full, including all shipping related charges, is to be received no later than two weeks before actual shipping date. If, for any reason, a deposit can not be applied to the purchase of a puppy from a specific litter, it will be applied to the purchase of a puppy from the next available litter.

All puppies will have received a 9-way combination vaccine at 6 weeks of age and will have received regular deworming treatments since 2 weeks of age. Every puppy will receive a veterinary check-up at no additional charge before being released to the new owner.

Mo’okini Kennel is an ethical breeder of Rottweilers and therefore will, for the lifespan of puppies originating from Mo'okini Kennel, accept their return to the kennel. Should an unforeseeable event necessitate the return of a puppy or adult dog, the original buyer will transfer ownership of puppy or dog back to Mo’okini Kennel upon their return. However, there will be no refund of purchase price and any other charges incurred, including the charges for the return shipment.

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